R.J. Daum worked as the structural concrete subcontractor at East Valley High School No. 1A for Turner Construction. This project consisted of nine separate buildings (approx. 105,000 sq. ft. of slab-on-grade.), and cast-in-place stairs. R.J. Daum cast approximately 5800 cyds of structural concrete and 1,000 cyds of lightweight concrete on metal deck.


One of the many challenges on this project pertained to the foundations. Not only were the foundations large, but it also required methane barrier installation over the footings to protect the concrete from contacting the soil. A mud slab was cast on top of the footings. This allowed various trades the ability to work on top of the mud slab without damaging the methane barrier. Even with the challenges posed on this project, R.J. Daum completed the critical path structural concrete work six weeks ahead of schedule.


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